Wedding Ceremony Music in Hertfordshire

Bagatelle flute and harp duo, in Hertfordshire will create elegant, accurate and sophisticated music for your wedding ceremony. Think of Bagatelle Duo for a fresh idea on music at your Hertfordshire wedding ceremony. As your guests arrive at the ceremony, they will be listening  to the inspiring and uplifting sounds of Bagatelle flute and harp duo. They can help you create the atmosphere you're looking for and help you set the mood during your ceremony. They can even perform for you during your evening celebrations. 

Your wedding ceremony will surely be one of the best days of your life with the beautiful music of this professional duo.

With a wide musical career and hundreds of performances their music at your wedding ceremony will be something to forever treasure. With nicredible high professional standards Bagatelle Duo is the right choice for your Hertfordshire wedding ceremony.

Jennie and Meta will make your wedding ceremony in Hertfordshire something for you, your friends and family to remember for a lifetime.

Bagatelle duo
prides itself on being a very succesful duo and perform  everywhere in the UK and Hertfordshire.  Locally perform at:

-Welwyn Garden City
-Hemel Hempstead

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