As we all know music brings people together. Music is part of most important occasions and probably has been so since the birth of the human race. Now in the 21 century Bagatelle bring the music of the flute and harp to today's ceremonies and celebrations. So what is the is history of the harp and flute?

Paintings of harps exist from 13 century BC in Thebes and actual harps found in Egyptian tombs are older still. Popular in ancient Greece and Rome the harp also has a long history in Britain where it remains in use in the folk music of Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The harp played in Bagatelle is a French style but made in London in 1885. This style, fashionable in England in Victorian times would have been used to accompany the flute.

The flute too has a long and world wide history. The side blown or transverse flute was first documented in this country in 1548. It was in use at the time of Henry Purcell and is still in use today. Many famous composers, including Mozart, have written for flute and harp. The combination of the two sounds as in the music of Bagatelle, bring these timeless and lovely sounds into the secular and sacred celebrations of today.